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Child’s Play

26 November


When I was a child not too long ago, I loved making things – crafts, scrapbooks, paper dolls and dresses, paper homes & furnishings, and such – ; drawing (Vogue patterns’ illustrations of models were absolute fave) ; DIY decors, photo frames and lots of other handcrafted stuff. I always had a project on the go, – nothing has changed much there, except that I have gone digital too. Oh yes, there was stitching and tailoring!

In my teenage years, there were sketchbooks of jewellery and fashion drawings…much of them copied and modified from womens or fashion magazines. By then, I developed a love of reading and writing. I wanted to be a fashion designer, an artist and a magazine editor.

I could spend hours and hours, and full weekends just on these love projects.

In High School, I was the resident interior designer and art curator of my class.

In the place I grew up, in those days and time, a profession of an illustrator were never heard of. I didn’t know there was such an option. After High School, I took the path to Law School followed by Politics Studies. Landed an incredibly stable job with the Government. Got married. And have since looked back and Wondered, what it could have been?




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